Gyro, Souvlaki, Saganaki and Calamari Stand

Gyro on Pita Bread
Juicy thick sliced gyro meat, tomatoes, onions, Tzatziki *cucumber garlic* sauce on pita
Pork or Chicken on Pita Bread
The same wonderful souvlaki on pita with tomatoes, onions and Tzatziki sauce.   
Skewered Pork or Chicken Souvlaki
Chunks of fresh pork or chicken marinated in lemon, olive oil and oregano char-grilled on a skewer    
Veggie Gyro
Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, Tzatziki sauce and feta cheese on grilled pita bread.   
Large Tiropita (Cheese Pie) $4.00
Large Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) $4.00
Greece's version of fried cheese. Kefalotiri cheese sauteed and flamed in brandy! Opa!

Calamari - Crispy Fried Squid
Our version of one of Greece's favorite seafood dishes -
lightly battered, dusted with spices parmesan

Greek Fries
Zesty, seasoned fries with Greek cheeses.


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