Parish Ministries

Here you will find all our ministries listed -- what they are about -- and who to contact in order to get involved.

If there is no email contact for a particular ministry, please email the church office
or call (717) 763-7441 to get in touch with the contact person.

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Stewardship – “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” – 2 Corinthians 9:7.  The Stewardship Program exists to engage the time, talent and treasure of our parishioners to support the mission of Christ’s church.  The program is managed by a committee of parishioners and Parish Council members and guided by our Clergy.   

Contact: George Spanos 717.343.7233 Email


Parish Council - The parish council is the administrative and long-range planning body of the parish.  It is comprised of 15 parishioners/stewards, each elected for the three year term, led by the executive committee and guided by the clergy.


The 2015 Parish council Members are:.

Alkiviades F. Alex

Basil Papoutsis

Tom Balafoutas

Chris Petsinis

Georgia Lucas

Labros E. Pilalis

George J. Mallios

James Senos

Nick C. Mallios

Ernie Sparages

John Mazias

George Spanos

Robert Moeller

Nick Theofanis


 Yemane Tzeggai

The Parish Council Committees and their respective chairpersons are:

Finance Committee:

Robert Moeller

Stewardship Committee

George Spanos

Endowment Committee:

John Papoutsis

Fundraising Committee:

George Keriazes
John Harbilas

Building & Grounds Committee:

Nick C. Mallios

Church Committee:

Al Alex

Welcoming Commitee:

Georgia Lucas

Program Committee:

Greek School
Sunday School
Dance Group

George Spanos
Labros Pilalis

Contact: , President, 717.343.7233  Email:
Contact: , Treasurer
Contact: , Stewardship



    Philoptochos - The Friends of the Poor is the philanthropic arm of the parish. This group of volunteers supports outreach programs in the Archdiocese, Diocese, and local parish. Its volunteers form an active part of life in the local community and have individually and collectively been strong supporters of the church throughout the years.

Contact: Thana Ward, 717.249.8892 Email:


Sunday School - Our Sunday School program provides catechetical instruction for all the young people of our parish, ages 2 years through 12th grade.  Classes are held from September to June and are taught by knowledgeable volunteer teachers.  We encourage the parents of the community to enroll their children in our Sunday School program and to bring them to church regularly and punctually.  Anyone interested in teaching, please call the supervisors.

Contact: Despina Aftosmes, 717.838.7293 Email:


Sunday School PTO - This group assists the Sunday School teachers with special programs and provides a forum for input by the parents of the children enrolled in the school.

Contact: Michael Ward, 717.243.6204 Email:


Greek School - Children are provided the opportunity to learn the language, history and traditions of our Hellenic culture through this program.  Lessons are offered in modern Greek.  Classes are held on weekday evenings at the church. We encourage the parents of the community to enroll their children in the Greek School program.

Contact: Dimitra Curley,  717.975.5172 Email:


Greek School PTO - This group assists the Greek School teachers with special programs and provides a forum for input by the parents of the children enrolled in the school.

Contact: Mantha Hershey 717 566.7603  Email:


Adult Greek School – Adult parishioners and non-parishioners are provided the opportunity to learn the language and traditions of our Hellenic culture through this program. Classes are held on Monday evenings from 7-8 pm at the church and are taught by Greek school teachers. 

Contact: Dimitra Curley,  717.975.5172 Email:


HOPE (K to 2nd grade) and JOY (3rd to 6th grade):

These groups gather for religious instruction and social gatherings throughout the year.  Parents are encouraged to sign up their children. 

Contact: Thana Ward, 717.249.8892  Email:


GOYA This group is comprised of our 13 to 18 year old parishioners.  The mission and goal of the GOYA ministry is to lead our young people into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith by developing a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and becoming active sacramental members of the living Church.  They participate in religious, social and athletic events such as the Metropolis camp, retreat camps, local activities, basketball tourneys, and caroling.  

Contact: Yiannis Mallios 717.571.8611 Email:


Retreats and Camps Our community sponsors and participates in a number of retreat and camp experiences.  These programs provide valuable opportunities for social and spiritual growth.  They include local adult retreats, seasonal and regional retreats for JOY & GOYA, the annual Metropolis Summer Camp program for 8 to 18 year olds.  In addition to campers, those over 18 years old may participate in the youth program as counselors and advisors. Scholarship/aid is available. 

Contact:  Fr. Mark Lichtenstein, 717.919.3382  Email:


Young Adult League (YAL)Fellowship, Service, Witness, and Worship are the four pillars of this organization.  To date, our YAL has conducted regular meetings, held numerous social and fundraising activities, sponsored a Metropolis Conference, and made substantial donations to the Church.  All parishioners 18 to 35 years old, married or single, are invited to participate.      

Contact:  George Peslis, 717.774.7246  Email:


Bible StudyOur weekly Bible Study uses the tools of Orthodox tradition and scholarship in order to open our faithful to a better understanding of the Holy Scriptures.  Meetings are conducted in both languages Greek and English and use original texts as well as understandable translations.    

Contact:  Fr. Michael Varvarelis  717.818.1160  Email:


Acolytes These young men, 9 to 18 years old, assist the priest in the altar during the divine services.  They are organized into groups and serve on a rotating schedule. Parents are encouraged to sign up their sons.

Contact:  Fr. Michael Varvarelis  717.818.1160  Email:


Sunday Epistle Readers Members of this group take turns reading the Sunday Epistle lessons in church.  The group always welcomes those who are willing to devote their effort and time to read the Epistle in church.

Contact:  Fr. Michael Varvarelis  717.818.1160  Email:


Catechism These weekly lessons center on the beliefs, practices and traditions of the Orthodox Faith.  They are open to all adult members of the community who seek to deepen their understanding and knowledge of their faith as well as to individuals interested in converting. 

Contact:  Fr. Mark Lichtenstein, 717.919.3382  Email:


Sunday School Teaching Liturgies - These special services are held periodically. Their purpose is to present the divine mysteries of the Liturgy in a way which assists the children to understand and participate in the eucharistic celebration.  

Contact:  Fr. Mark Lichtenstein, 717.919.3382  Email:


Psaltes (Chanters)The psaltes of our community sing the hymns, psalms, and prayers of our Greek Orthodox faith through the use of Byzantine music that is part of our religious tradition through the centuries old life of our Church.  Our ecclesiastical Byzantine music is unique and has its own notation which is completely different from the conventionally used notation in Western music.  The correct rendition of our Orthodox hymns and psalms through the use of Byzantine music in both the Greek and English languages requires special skills that are developed over a long period of time, training, and practice.  The psalterion always welcomes those who are willing to devote their effort and time to keep alive and enhance the Byzantine music tradition of our Greek Orthodox faith. 

Contact: Tom Paparoidamis, 717.737.5647 Email:


ChoirOur Cathedral choir leads the congregation in the musical responses to the Divine liturgy by singing music that has been arranged in Western notation from the ancient Byzantine melodies.  The choir is an extension of the psalteri in that it gives a greater number of parishioners the opportunity to participate actively in the worship service through the use of Greek and English.  The choir sings on Sundays from September to Pentecost and other services throughout the year, in particular Holy Week.  Practices are usually held on Sundays with an occasional workshop at other times.  Our Cathedral choir is comprised of volunteer women, men, and young people and is open to all who would like to learn to praise God through hymns.   

Contact:  Kathy Doulgeris, H 717.243.3750 Email:


Endowment Funds – The Endowment Funds are the non-operational funds that have been established to provide financial support for specific church activities and programs. These funds have been established and are supported by generous parishioners who have made donations or bequests for designated purposes.  If you would like to make a contribution to one of the existing Endowment Funds, to create a new fund, or for additional information about planning a gift to Holy Trinity Cathedral, please contact the Endowment Trustees.  

Contact: James Lloyd, 717.737.0952 Email:


Oratorical Festival – The St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival was introduced in 1983 to provide Greek Orthodox teenagers an opportunity to write and talk about their faith. The Oratorical Festival begins at the parish level, and is divided into two divisions; the Junior Division for students in the 7th to 9th grades and the Senior Division for teenagers in the 10th to 12th grades. The top speakers at the parish level advance to the district level, where two finalists in each division are chosen to represent their district at the Metropolis Oratorical Festival. The top speaker in each division is then selected to participate in the Archdiocese Finals, which is hosted by a different Metropolis each year. The Oratorical Festival Scholarship Foundation provides college scholarships to the top three speakers in each division. 

Contact: Ann Ariano, 717.564.6955 Email:


Junior Ensemble – The Junior Ensemble offers children who study the performing arts (music, dance) the opportunity to share their talents with our community through a yearly luncheon and musical program.  This group is open to any interested students through an informal audition. 

Contact: Connie Kokos, 717.731.8421 Email:


Scholarships – Annually our community awards the following scholarships to deserving high school graduates who are members of our parish.  The purpose of these scholarships is to recognize superior academic achievement or meritorious service to our Church and the Civic Community by our young parishioners:

  • Three Hierarchs Scholarship - Awarded by the Three Hierarchs Scholarship Endowment Fund to graduating high school seniors with superior academic achievement. 

  • Neohoriton Syllogos Scholarship – Awarded to graduating high school seniors of Nehoriton heritage for superior academic performance.

  • Philoptochos Society  – The Eleftheria Zozos Memorial Scholarsihip is awarded to a graduating female high school senior for meritorious service to Church and the Civic Community.

  • AHEPA Chapter #64 and District 4 Scholarships - The AHEPA Merit Scholarships are awarded to a graduating high school seniors entering an accredited college or university.

All parish high school graduates are urged and encouraged to apply for these scholarships.  

Contact: James Papoutsis,  717.263.1109  Email:


  Bookstore - The mission of the Bookstore is to make inspirational Orthodox resources available to parishioners. The Holy Trinity Bookstore is open on Sundays after Divine Liturgy. Icons, incense, charcoal, Bibles, Orthodox reading materials in Greek and English for adults and children are available. 

A larger array of materials can be accessed through our Holy Trinity website by clicking on the
Bookstore and shopping online at either Skete or Orthodox Marketplace

Orders placed in this manner will benefit the parish.  

Contact: James Lloyd, 717.737.0952



Sts. Joachim & Anna Society Named after the father and mother of the Theotokos, this group sponsors trips and other activities for those in their golden years, 55 and above.  Nine monthly meetings are held that usually include a luncheon and a guest speaker.  A Christmas gathering is also held with senior citizens organizations from other Greek Orthodox parishes. 

Contact: Chris Zervanos,  717.652.5665 Email:



St. Elizabeth Moms’ Study GroupA family-oriented approach to scripture and the traditions of our Orthodox Church and faith.  Gatherings take place bi-monthly.  See the church newsletter and check the monthly SOURCE, for current information and meeting dates.      

Contact:  Fr. Michael Varvarelis  717.818.1160  Email:


Young Married Couples - This group brings together recently married couples for fellowship and to meet their peers in the community. See The Source for current information and meeting dates. 

Contact:  Fr. Michael Varvarelis  717.818.1160  Email:


Young Parents - This group brings young parents together for fellowship and a night out with adults. See The Source for current information and meeting dates. 

Contact:  Fr. Michael Varvarelis  717.818.1160  Email:


Greek Festival – Our Greek Festival, the largest ethnic festival in PA, is held every May at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Camp Hill, PA. PA Greek Fest welcomes attendees to share our vibrant Hellenic culture with aromatic smells of our Greek foods & pastries, enchanting traditional music, amazing dances by our young Olympic Flames dancers and the overflowing enthusiasm of our volunteers. The proceeds benefit our Cathedral and the surrounding community. Eat, drink, and be Greek!  Please visit us at

All parishioners are encouraged to come forth to help in any capacity -- baking, cooking, set-up, tear-down, etc. If you wish to volunteer or need a copy of the baking/ event schedules, please contact Sam Kolokithas at:  

Contact:  Sam Kolokithas, 717.329.4757   Email:


Blood Bank – AHEPA Chapter #64 Blood Committee has two annual drives at the cathedral, one in spring and the second in fall.  Our community’s annual quota of 90 units is obtained thru the combination of the two drives and our parishioners who donate on regular basis at local hospitals.  All Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral parishioners are eligible to receive blood credits for surgery or any emergencies if needed.  

Contact:  Christ Megoulas, 717.838.3132 Email:  c 


AED/CPR – The AED (Automated External Defibrillator) program is made up of individuals from parish organizations who are certified bi-annually in AED/CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and who can respond if needed for any cardiac emergencies and provide Basic Life Support until EMS (Emergency Medical Services) arrives on the scene.

Contact:  Christ Megoulas, 717.838.3132 Email:  c



Sunday Coffee Hour Coffee Hour is prepared by Philoptochos.  If you are interested in sponsoring coffee hour in memory of a loved one or in recognition of a special event (birthday, anniversary, etc.), please contact the church secretary to schedule your event.  Donations to Philoptochos toward preparation of the coffee hour is greatly appreciated.

Contact: Mary Touloumes, 717.763.7896


Community Christmas Card – This Christmas Card is mailed with Christmas blessings to the entire community. In order to have your name included in this card, a contribution is collected during the period of the last week of October until the Sunday before Thanksgiving. All parishioners are urged and encouraged to participate.

Contact: Connie Keriazes,  717.632.5179 Email:



Olympic Flame Dancers This award winning Greek dance group that performs traditional Greek dances is comprised of three distinct age related groups.  They compete and perform all across the Northeast and have won numerous awards. They also perform throughout the Greater Harrisburg Area and at our annual Greek Festival. Parents are encouraged to sign up their children.

Contact: Ann Ariano, 717. 564.6955  Email:


Church Website The Holy Trinity website ( is your portal to current information on the parish and its organizations.  Visit the site for current copies of The Source, the church calendar, and information on the Annual Greek Festival. All website changes or additions must first be approved by the Church Office.

Contact: Anthony Ariano,  717. 564.6955 Email:


Strategic Planning Committee This newly formed committee is chartered with looking at the long-term needs of our Church.  If you are interested in participating, please contact the committee chairman.

Contact:  Michael Vovakes, 717.497.7826 Email:


Fraternal Organizations


AHEPA-Harrisburg Chapter #64

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is the largest and oldest American-based, Greek heritage grassroots membership organization. AHEPA was founded on July 26, 1922 in Atlanta, Georgia in response to the evils of bigotry and racism that emerged in the early 20th Century American Society.  It was dedicated to help Greek immigrants assimilate into the American society. 

Today, AHEPA brings the ideals of ancient Greece, which includes philanthropy, education, civic responsibility, and family and individual excellence, to the community.  Application for membership is open to anyone who believes in the mission of the organization. Numerous educational scholarships are available through the National and District Headquarters and our   Harrisburg Chapter #64. 

Contact:  Al Alex, 717.763.0986  Email:


Daughters of Penelope AETHE Chapter #126, of Harrisburg, PA –  Established in 1945, the Daughters of  Penelope is the women’s auxiliary of the AHEPA Family. We have been an integral part of the civic and church community and have led in philanthropic, educational and cultural activities not only in monetary contributions but in countless hours of volunteer work.  Some of our projects have been: St Basils Academy, L.A.M. (rare lung disease), Papanicolaou Cancer Research, Breast Cancer, Cooley’s Anemia, American Heart Association, Lupus and many others.  For our church we established the first Community Christmas Card, donated the Icon of the Platytera in the Axis, Pews, Stained Glass Windows, Donor Board in the Narthex, the Beautification Project and many other donations.  Our chapter was the outstanding chapter in our district as well as nationally for many years.  As of December 2009, our chapter members voted to go inactive. If at a future date there is enough interest we can reactivate.  Our gratitude to all who have supported the Daughters of Penelope, especially our members. 

Contact:  Helen Tzanis,  717.564.3279    Peggy Gekas 717.564.4394


Hellenic Heritage Association – The Association was created in 1992 with the purpose of preserving our Hellenic heritage within our community.  Since its establishment until now, the Association has organized many cultural and educational events, and has actively participated in issues that concern the Hellenic Diaspora in the U.S.  The Association, in cooperation with other organizations and associations of our community, has organized artistic and theatrical shows, as well as presentations and open discussions on issues that concern the Hellenic Diaspora and its heritage.  The Association has actively and materially supported the educational work of the Greek School in our community.  The Association has as a fundamental purpose the continuous education and preservation of our Christian Orthodox traditions, civilization, language and history of Hellenism in our community.  With this purpose, the Association does not represent any known political movement or ideology, and cooperates with all individuals who have as common interest the preservation of our Hellenic Heritage. 

Contact: Dr. Alexandrer Vgontzas,  717.533.1768 Email:


Arcadian Society The Arcadian Society is an organization made up of descendants of the Peloponnese in southern Greece.  In the past we had fundraisers and donated all the proceeds to different church projects. The group meets occasionally. 

Contact:  George Kyriakopoulos,  717.763.9317


Syllogos Neohoriton The Syllogos Neohoriton is an organization made up of descendants of the village of Neohorion Nafpaktias, Greece.  The Syllogos was established in 1918 in Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania.  One of its first acts was the installation of a water system at the village of Neohorion, in 1929.  Since its establishment, the Syllogos constantly pursues various social and cultural activities on behalf of Neohori, its inhabitants and its worldwide descendants. The Syllogos provides educational scholarships, issues various publications, and donates its fundraising proceeds to various

benevolent causes including projects and programs of our Church.  It has built and operates the Dormition of the Theotokos and St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Chapel at the Neohoriton Park in York, Pa.  The Syllogos is a member of the Expatriate Greeks Council (SAE) and the Organization of Sterea Hellas America Canada (OSEAK).  Presently, it has approximately 350 members. 

Contact:  William Kotsalos, 717.566.6148


  Velouchi, Evrytanian Association - Agios Taxiarhis Chapter 18 Velouchi is a philanthropic organization founded in 1944 in Charlotte, NC, where the base of the organization is with a concentrated purpose to assist the particular homeland Evrytania region in Central Greece and Greece in general ( The Association’s goals were to assist with medicine and clothing immediately after WWII and the Civil War in Greece, and were later broadened to include heritage preservation, philanthropy, educational and cultural support.Velouchi is comprised of

18 chapters throughout the United States and is striving to expand; it welcomes members at large whose heritage is from Evrytania, as well as friends of the Association with the same goals.  

Contact: Tom Paparoidamis, 717.737.5647 Email:



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