PA Greek Fest - OPA

Announcement - May 15, 2021

Hello to all of our PA Greek Fest friends. First of all THANK YOU, or as we say in Greek - "Efharisto". This drive through format proved to be quite challenging. We appreciate everyone's patience and grace.
So, here is an update for tomorrow, Saturday, May 15. We open at 11. We sold out of a number of items today, so we will be offering a LIMITED MENU (see below). We will stay open as long as we can (closing time is 7:00pm), but we do not have enough of everything to last us until closing time. Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues with the pandemic, we can't get our normal quantities or delivery times.
Also, as you approach the property from Yverdon drive, you will be diverted to turn right to take the loop around E Crestwood Drive and then to come back up to take a left on to Yverdon.
MENU FOR SATURDAY, MAY 15 - supply is limited, so we will serve until we sell out
Traditional Gyro
Chicken Gyro
Large Greek Salad
Greek Lemon Soup
Pastitsio (frozen for take home)
Mousaka (frozen for take home)
We have very limited Rizogalo (rice pudding)



Free Admission - no tickets required.