Weekly Announcements


Sunday, September 27, 2020 1st Sunday of Luke / Memory of the Holy Martyr Callistratus and those with him  


Sunday, September 27th            

1st Sunday of Luke

Memory of the Holy Martyr Callistratus and those with him

8:15am Orthros

9:15am Divine Liturgy


Wednesday, September 30th    

10:30am Paraklesis to the Theotokos

Everyone is invited and welcome to attend


Thursday, October 1st

Virtual Adv. Adult Greek Class 5:15-7pm

Virtual Bible Class 7:10pm-8:10pm


Friday, October 2nd 

Virtual Bible Class 10:30am – 11:30am


Saturday, October 3rd

6pm  Vespers  


40-Day Memorial being held for George A. Giannaris on behalf of his Family. May his memory be eternal.


Coffee Hour is sponsored by our beloved Philoptochos after Church on Sundays and we will be outside. You will find the coffee, cookies and koulourakia under the tent. While we are encouraging everyone to participate, we would like to request that you please keep the social distancing.  We need to be very careful and help each other to stay safe and healthy. Thank you.


We were blessed with a successful Gyro and Pastry Drive-Thru.  Thank you to all; the wonderful Committee Chairpersons, Basil Papoutsis, Nick Mallios, George Spanos and Olympia Giannakopoulos, their Co-Chairs and the many volunteers and families who helped make our Gyro and Pastry Drive-Thru a great success.  Everyone came together and helped as one family. May God bless all of you who participated and who also came and supported the Cathedral.


GALAKTOBOURIKO and DOLMATHES SALE:  We are still selling frozen galaktobouriko. The cost is $2 per piece; $200 per box of 100, or 20, 40, or 50 pieces, whatever you prefer.  Also, Dolmathes are being sold at $100 a pan. We would like to sell them to our parishioners and its first come-first serve. If you wish to buy some, please call Olympia Giannakopoulos at 717-319-2085 or you can buy some from the Coffee Hour station.


HOLY TRINITY FALL GOLF CLASSIC will be held NEXT Sunday, October 4th at Eagle Crossing Golf Course with registration at 12noon.  All funds will benefit our Holy Trinity Cathedral.  Please see the attached flyer for more details. Please participate and consider becoming a sponsor. Thank you. Mail Fees (payable to “Holy Trinity Cathedral”) and put in memo: Golf Tournament and Direct any Questions to the Chairman:  Chris Petsinis, 1127 Shannon Lane, Carlisle, PA 17013 +  717-713-4627 or chris_petsinis@yahoo.com.   


GENERAL ASSEMBLY of our Community will be held on Sunday, October 18th after Church Services in the Church. Please make plans to stay and listen to the different topics presented.


Bookstore news:   The Bookstore is open every Sunday after church. Please go by and thank Helen Senos for taking over to help with this unique and special ministry in our Cathedral. We appreciate it. There are many wonderful books, icons and other items that you may wish to buy or give as gifts. Please come by and see our bookstore.


Virtual Sunday School will begin next Sunday, October 4th, and the following week for grades: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The teachers will be communicating with the parents to make sure that they have the emails that will be used for the Zoom class meetings. Please go to the Church’s website and sign up for Sunday School or here is the link to the Sunday School Registration form:   https://forms.gle/H4ozJZx2nS8KZvcP6.   



Virtual Greek School will begin on Wednesday, October 7th from 5:30-6:30pm on Zoom.  We have the platform “Gia Xara” that allows the Teacher and the students to interact online. It is effective and one of the best tools to use. Please register your child(ren) by contacting Mr. Giannaris baggio10.2004@gmail.com or Fr. Michael at frmichael@holytrinityhbg.org.

Greek School

CONTACT: George Giannaris - baggio10.2004@gmail.com

The tuition for the Greek School is one child - $200, two children of the same family $350 and 3 children of the same family $500. The classes will begin on zoom on Wednesday, October 7th from 5:30pm-6:30pm.



Adult Advanced Greek School began last Thursday, September 17th

The Adult Greek School class for beginners will be on Friday evenings 5:30 to 6:30pm. It will start on the first week of October. For both Greek School classes the registration fee for the year is $350.00. Please make your payment by mid of October. You may pick up the form at the Church or contact Fr. Michael at frmichael@holytrinityhbg.org.  If you are not filling out the form, we do not have your contact information to send an invite for the class.


Bible Classes have started on Thursday evenings from 7:10-8:10pm and on Friday mornings from 10:30am-11:30am via Zoom. Please email Fr. Michael at frmichael@holytrinityhbg.org to let him know that you would like to participate and to give him your email address.  Then, he will send you an “invite” through your email to join on Zoom.  We will be studying 1st Corinthians.


GOYA News:  Next Sunday, October 4th will be a GOYA meeting after Church in the Hall. On Sunday, October 11th, the GOYANS will clean the Church.  Then on Sunday, October 25th there will be a virtual GOYA Fireside Chat at 5:00pm. We ask that all GOYANS please participate in these different events.


Volunteers and items are needed for the Church. We are grateful to our parishioners who are volunteering to clean the Church and donating necessary items. Please keep in mind that we are asking our Church members to please consider helping with these items: sanitizers, masks, Clorox wipes. Please give them to the Parish Council members as you enter the Church. We need volunteers to sanitize the pews after the services and also to vacuum the Church and clean some other areas. A list of specific items has been developed to help the volunteers. If you wish to volunteer for the Church, please talk to Fr. Michael 717 818-1160 or any Parish Council Member.


When you enter in the Church please make sure you are wearing a mask, or one will be provided for you. Make sure you cover your nose and mouth.  Please no shaking hands, no hugging, no embracing, we will keep social distancing etc.., Also please use the hand sanitizer that is available to all at the entrance.  Children that are 10 years old and younger, may not wear masks. You may venerate or kiss the icons OR if you wish to only bow.   


An Important Note:  Many of our parishioners do not get these mass emails. If you are aware of them who do not, please call them and read to them what these announcements say. Also please notify Fr. Michael at frmichael@holytrinityhbg.org for their email addresses and we will add them to the list.  Thank you to those who have responded to add them on our email list.


If you need any help please call Fr. Michael at 717-818-1160 or email him at: frmichael@holytrinityhbg.org. Please keep the Clergy, the Parish Council members and all the parishioners at Holy Trinity in your prayers, as well.  Please also pray for the health of the medical personnel, emergency personnel and all the front-line health providers and workers during this difficult time. Please pray for the families that are sick, the families who have lost loved ones and especially please pray for the entire world to be rid of this virus.


Our Church Office is closed till further notice. For emergencies, especially, please call the clergy directly, email us or text us to reach us. All meetings and events are functioning virtually due to the Corona Virus.  We will let you know via email concerning the Church activities.  We hope and pray that everyone will be safe and healthy. 


Stewardship Pledges for 2020: We would like to thank all those who have responded with their stewardship to the Church during this crisis. This is helping tremendously. By postponing this year the Festival, we are having a strain on available funds. Those who are able, please provide your financial help to our Cathedral.

Thank you to our 70% of families that have fill out their Stewardship Card commitments for this year bringing to a total of $280,414 of pledges with the actual contributions more than $267,016 up to August 31st We would like to ask those who have not submitted the 2020 Stewardship Form with your annual commitment to the Office, to please do so. We encourage you to please consider and be generous with your annual pledge to our Church, especially during these difficult times. Since the Budget for the 2020 Stewardship year is $400,000, we are hoping for the average pledge to be a little over $1,200 for the year. We are requesting if possible, for you an average of 10% increase over your last year’s pledge. May the blessings of the Lord always be with all of you and with our families keeping all safe, healthy and spiritually strong.  Thank you.


To all parents and Sunday School Teachers:


News from the Department of Religious Education

Religious Ed @ Homehttps://www.goarch.org/educators-articles 


Each week, a variety of discussion questions, activities, lessons, and crafts arranged by general age groups is posted for use on Sunday.

More have been posted here also: https://pittsburgh.goarch.org/religious-ed


On the Archdiocese website use this link and find activities and programs for all ages for your children. https://www.goarch.org/departments/family.     This is done by the “Center of Family Care”.


Once you get on that website, you will find many different programs that you may like. One program for younger children is "Soak Up the Son - The Wonder of God's Creation." This 10-week series will explore various themes from Genesis, with new content released each Monday. You can access past videos, handouts, and additional content. You can also view past weeks’ videos about the first day of creation, and accompanying handout and activities! 


Also, another one is “Comfort Food for Families”. It has different topics for all ages. This is also very interesting with different persons speaking on a specific topic about our faith.


Please look into these different apps and also other topics that they have. It is a very informative section that I believe most parents would like to see with their children.

I hope these are helpful to you and your family.