Our Parish


Our beautiful church and social hall complex is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, and converges on the threshold of Harrisburg (the capital of the state) and the Susquehanna River. The complex is not far from the many religious, cultural, artistic, athletic and educational resources of this historic region of the country. Through our community life and social programs, we seek to proclaim the Lord's presence in every aspect of our existence. Our community is centered upon Jesus Christ and His Gospel as known, lived and taught by the Orthodox Faith. In the desire to preserve their spiritual and cultural inheritance, the community was originally built-up by immigrants from various parts of Greece. Today, the community is composed of families who have roots in various parts of Greece, and Ethiopia; as well as an increasing number of converts to the Orthodox Christian faith. Many of the latter were exposed to the faith through marriage to an Orthodox partner; while others primarily through a journey in search of the historic Christian faith.