Weekly Announcements


Sunday,  May 1, 2022  SUNDAY OF PASCHA
 Sunday,  May 1st, 2022
Sunday of Doubting Thomas
8:15am  Orthros
9:30am  Divine Liturgy
Dance Practice
5:30pm Fireside Chat at Holy Trinity
Meal donated by John & Maria Papoutsis
Tuesday, May 3rd
9am  Festival Baking:  Baklava
Wednesday, May 4th
9am  Festival Baking:  Baklava
5:30-7pm Greek School
7pm  Dance Practice
Thursday, May 5th
St. Irene the Great Martyr
8:15am Orthros
9:30am Divine Liturgy
7-8pm  Bible Class
Friday, May 6th
11am Bible Class
Saturday, May 7th
10am – 2 pm Metropolis Oratorical Festival at Holy Trinity Cathedral
6pm  Vespers

Heartfelt thank you to all for your generosity of the tray for Ukraine, that we had on Sunday, April 17th. The collected funds were $5,000.
Started in 1972, 2022 is the 50th anniversary of our PA Greek Fest!
Friday May 13 through Sunday May 15th
There will be some changes this year to make the experience safe and more enjoyable for our guests as well as our dedicated parishioner-volunteers, so stay tuned to our Facebook page to hear more. Mark your calendars for 2022 PA Greek Fest-Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you - OPA!!!
Stewardship Pledge: Everyone was mailed a Stewardship Package for 2022; we ask that you please fill out your Stewardship Pledge for 2022 with careful and prayerful consideration and please return it to the Church Office. As of 4/28/22 - 321 families have pledges which is 64% of our families. The actual contributions & pledges are $268,138 at 56%. We thank all the families that have pledged so far for 2022 and may the blessings of the Lord always be with you and all in your families.
Church Committees - we are looking for volunteers to serve on various committees of our church including Building & Grounds, Security (alarms, cameras, doors, etc...), and Technology (Wi-Fi, office network & computers, sound & streaming).  Ours is a large facility, with many moving parts and supporting systems, and we need to do a better job keeping the facility beautiful, clean, secure and functioning effectively - inside & out.  Contact George Spanos at gjsholytrinity@gmail.com.
Festival 50th Anniversary - 2022 is the 50th Anniversary of the PA Greek Fest.  We'd like PICTURES FROM YOUR ARCHIVES documenting the 50 years of our Festival.  Please scan copies and send to pagreekfesthbg@gmail.com.  If you do not have the ability to scan, please bring your originals in an envelope with your name to the office and we will scan them here.  OPA!
We have a number of pizza boxes in our Festival supplies that we will not be using.  We would like to offer them to our parishioners in return for a donation.  Please email pagreekfesthbg@gmail.com

Before the lockdowns associated with COVID, we had sold tickets for a screening of the film Right Before Your Eyes.  We are offering a refund for those who would like one.  Unfortunately, we no longer have a detailed account of who purchased ticket, so your requests are on the "honor system". If you wish to receive a refund, please contact Mary Wallenmeyer.  By the end of June, whatever money remains from those ticket sales will go to an Ionian Village Scholarship fund we have set up.  Thank you.
Bookstore news:   The Bookstore is open on Sundays after church. This is a special ministry in our Cathedral. There are many wonderful books, holy icons and other items that you may wish to buy for your home or give as gifts. Please come by and see our bookstore. Two new books are in“Return, Repentance and Confession, Return to God and His Church”.  This book give us a correct approach to the great and philanthropic mystery of repentance and confession. The other book:  “St. KallinikosMetropolitan of Edessa, Pella and Almopia”. He was the previous Metropolitan of Edessa, Greece. Before he became Bishop he was an Archimandrite teaching the Gospel n Messologi and Agrinion. St. Kallinikos lived ascetically in a manner pleasing to God. He revered the Mother Church and defended her rights and privileges, and he was not only distinguished by sanctity and holiness of life, but he was granted by God the gift of working miracles during his life and after his death.   Both books are in the Bookstore.   Please come by our Bookstore.
1.  In the MAY Source Fr. Michael has listed the new Iconography project for the upper walls of the Church. Please look at the list and those wishing to sponsor please contact Fr. Michael.  It is first come/first served.  Please find the list attached to this announcement page on the email.

2.  Scholarships - Please check the MAY Source and/or the Church’s website for all the scholarships that are available to our students. Please take advantage of these opportunities and look for the due dates.  Also, all scholarships are located on the ledge next to the Church Office.        
All Graduates please fill out the Graduation Notice flyer that is attached.
3.  Festival baking  on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 3rd & 4th at 9:00am. We will be making Baklava.
4.  Festival Presales on Sunday, May 8th to Wednesday, May 11th.
5.  Mark your calendars to come and volunteer for the Festival. Many hands are needed.  The times of the Festival are Friday & Saturday,  May 13th  & 14th – 11:00am – 8pm. For Sunday, May 15th - 11:00am – 3pm.
6.  Orthodoxy on Tap is a monthly gathering of Young Adults that meet at a restaurant and speak/discuss about  topics that pertain to their age group in a religious context.  The date is TuesdayMay 24th in the evening at 6:30pm at the Ever Grain Brewing Company in Camp Hill for adults 21-35.  They will meet this time in Harrisburg. Please make plans to attend.
7.  Graduation Sunday and Scholarship Sunday are on Sunday, June 5th. All Graduates try to be present to receive your awards and also a gift from the Church.
8.  Mark Your Calendars. Married Couples Retreat on Saturday, June 4th at Holy Trinity Cathedral. We are hosting this retreat and are inviting all married couples to attend.  The theme is “Renewed Day by Day: Enlivening our Marriage Commitment”.   The speaker will be Fr. Alexander Goussetis. Fr. Alexander who is the Director of the Center for Family Care.  It begins at 9:00am and will wrap-up by 2:30pm.  Lunch will be provided.  Flyer attached.
9.  Nameday Feastday Celebration will be held on Sunday, June 12th at the Harrisburg Hilton. Our Honorees this year will be:  Robert & Mary Moeller, George & Maria Panagos, Labros & Jessica-Suchy Pilalis, and Ed & Thana Ward. More info to come.
10.  Our VCS (Vacation Church School) will be held on Monday, June 13th to Thursday, June 16th from 5:45pm to 8:00pm for children ages 4 years to 12 years old (6th grade). We will have worship, lesson, crafts, music, dinner and games. We have attached a flyer with ann. page to be filled out and returned by Sunday, June 5th so that we can plan accordingly.  A $10 registration fee is requested per child.
11.  Senators Baseball game will be held on Friday, June 17th at 7:00pm. This is a Fast-Free Week, and the evening will include a picnic with a variety of foods. The price is $27 per adult, $17 per child (4-12) and free for children under four.  Please email Fr. Aaron agilbertannunciation@gmail.com  as soon as possible that you are going.
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