Syllogos Neohoriton

The Syllogos Neohoriton is an organization made up of descendants of the village of Neohorion Nafpaktias, Greece.  The Syllogos was established in 1918 in Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania.  One of its first acts was the installation of a water system at the village of Neohorion, in 1929.  Since its establishment, the Syllogos constantly pursues various social and cultural activities on behalf of Neohori, its inhabitants and its worldwide descendants. The Syllogos provides educational scholarships, issues various publications, and donates its fundraising proceeds to various benevolent causes including projects and programs of our Church.  It has built and operates the Dormition of the Theotokos and St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Chapel at the Neohoriton Park in York, Pa.  The Syllogos is a member of the Expatriate Greeks Council (SAE) and the Organization of Sterea Hellas America Canada (OSEAK).  Presently, it has approximately 350 members.

Contact:  William Kotsalos, President H 717.566.6148