Hellenic Heritage Association

The Association was created in 1992 with the purpose of preserving our Hellenic heritage within our community.  Since its establishment until now, the Association has organized many cultural and educational events, and has actively participated in issues that concern the Hellenic Diaspora in the U.S.  The Association, in cooperation with other organizations and associations of our community, has organized artistic and theatrical shows, as well as presentations and open discussions on issues that concern the Hellenic Diaspora and its heritage.  The Association has actively and materially supported the educational work of the Greek School in our community.  The Association has as a fundamental purpose the continuous education and preservation of our Christian Orthodox traditions, civilization, language and history of Hellenism in our community.  With this purpose, the Association does not represent any known political movement or ideology, and cooperates with all individuals who have as common interest the preservation of our Hellenic Heritage.

Contact:Dr. Alexandrer Vgontzas H 717.533.1768 Email axv3@psu.edu